I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Ashley Nemeth I am 29 years old and live in Saskatchewan Canada. I am a wife and mother of 3 lovely children.
I have decided to write this blog to help myself and hopefully anyone else going through the same things through these times when your mind is full and you don’t know where to go.
I have been visually impaired from birth due to Ocular Albinism  . This made growing up odd at times as I was teased a lot about my eyes moving and not being able to see many things that all the other kids could. I had to use enlarged text books in school and had a teachers aid, I also used a computer that had a screen reader on it and a lot of other things that brought way too much attention to my differences. Now that I am older I have tried very hard to live a normal life and tried not to make it a known fact that I could not see very well. I usually failed at this and people found out but I have come to terms with this.
A lot of the reasons that I try to keep it to myself or tried is because of the ignorance of people. One would think in this day and age that people would be open and understanding to people with all kinds of disabilities and differences but this is not always the case.
In the last 4 months my vision has decreased greatly so that I now only have about 5% of my vision left. This has greatly impacted my life, I had to leave my job and am now having to figure my life out all over again and decide whatI want to be when I grow up. I have had no choice but to use my white cane and this brings a whole other can of worms with it. There is this stigma that I can’t seem to get rid of with my cane, people see it and assume I am deaf and stupid  and speak to me as if I am 5. I am neither of these. I am very intelligent and capable, and I sure am not deaf in fact I hear very well.
I am struggling with moving on and accepting that my vision will continue to worsen and maybe gone completely one day. I am hoping that this blog will be a good outlet to say what is on my mind and help with this pr

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