It has been a crazy few days, the weather has finally turned around so we have been able to spend some time camping and hanging out in the back yard with the kids. The biggest thing that has happened though is Friday I had my home interview for a guide dog from Guide Dogs For the Blind. This is the last phase of a process that started at the beginning of February. In a couple weeks I should  hear if I am going to be able to be matched and go hopefully in August to get a guide dog. This is a very exciting thing for me. I have considered getting a guide dog since my first year of University in 2003, so this has been a long journey that is for sure.

I seem to keep running into people who feel the need to show their ignorance in full force. They will think that I can not hear them and almost shout at me, while speaking to me like I am 5. Or like today just say things that they think I can not hear. For example I was out for ice cream with my husband and kids, a lady that i have known for quite some time she used to work for my parents, was sitting at the table next to us and when we got up to leave she says to her husband loudly “oh she has a cane, I heard she was going blind.” I usually don’t  let people bother e but I have had enough lately, so in response I said ” Yes, and  I heard it doesn’t affect my dam hearing.” and continued to walk away.  I wish that people would talk to me, ask me the questions, I am not a child and I do not have the plague you can not catch blindness from treating me like a human being.

I believe these things don’t need to happen in this day and age. This is another reason for this blog, the only thing that will change the way that people treat others in by education .

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