Life is good !

Well the second week of training flew by so fast. We did many things that made me very nervous but together Ricky and I did it. We rode the train, the city bus, and did many routes to unfamiliar places. Learned to take the escalator together, I have always hated the escalators since I could not see where the steps were when they were moving. Now we do them no problem.
I have always tried to be a person that doesn’t let life get in the way of what I want to do but I have always had some nervousness about certain things when going about life with low vision. So I find it amazing that in this short amount of time Ricky has helped me to realize that I can do anything. I had a tendency to only go out when I had to and or wait for someone to go with me and now I don’t care if someone comes or not and I wanna go out and enjoy life and tackle it one day at a time and do what I want not what people think I should do. My experience has been nothing but positively life changing.
Unfortunately with the good comes the bad but I am learning to deal with people and their ignorance. Last night we went to the school for the kids open house and when we were walking through the busy hall someone said “Oh I didn’t know you could bring  dogs to the school now”. Since I was with my kids and didn’t want to cause a scene I took the high ground and left it alone. But I am truly surprised at peoples ignorance I am holding a harness in my hand that says “Guide Dogs for the Blind” this clearly states the obvious. I don’t think I am special nor do I take for granted being able to take Ricky in public with me, but he is doing a job and giving me the freedom you take for granted on a daily basis.
Education is going to be the key for the people around us! But it doesn’t matter what anyone says I am smiling from ear to ear and my new confidence and freedom ! I was a little depressed before and just couldn’t seem to kick it no matter how positive I tried to stay. But now I am sleeping well again and smiling everyday, and beyond grateful for the people that have made Ricky my reality ! There are not enough words in the world to describe my gratitude !
Ricky and I will be heading to a hotel on friday to be a part of a good friends wedding I am very excited to not be nervous about finding my way around. Ricky will be by my side eager to find a chair and to get me where we need to go ! So life bring it on !

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