One week down !

Ricky and I have been home for a week now and have been working well together ! We are establishing our routes and our relationship ! I am amazed at the difference he has made in me ! He is just amazing !
We are trying to become a stronger team and to do this we need to work hard together and have been out walking and working on his skills and mine ! We have also had a lot of fun blowing off some steam in the back yard playing just as hard as we work.
This past weekend we were a part of my great friends wedding. I was a bridesmaid and so was Ricky, he did a fabulous job and was great everyone there loved him. He also got to dress up and had a tux and bow tie he was very dapper. We also stayed in a hotel for the weekend which went really well the hotel we stayed at was amazing they were so accommodating and nice this was a nice change. Usually we don’t get great treatment. And my friends that helped us this weekend and were so tolerant were so amazing ! You know you have amazing friends when the bride tells the photographer that we need to rap up the photo shoot so Rick can eat. True amazing friends, I couldn’t ask for better people in my life.
We have also went to our first toastmasters meeting together and Rick was a very welcomed new member. Toastmasters is a great thing in my life and a outlet that I love to be involved in.
Next weekend we will be off to another wedding as my brother in-law is getting hitched. Rick has been thrown into my busy life and has adjusted very well.
I would love to say thank you to all of you that have supported us and helped us reach our goals !
Until next time !!!!!!

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