Update ! and pic of Rick !

We had quite the cold snap there for a while, but it sure is much nicer out now. Rick and I like to get outside daily and go for a walk or play in the back yard. I enjoy getting out he defiantly helps when I am feeling down and don’t want to go anywhere because he gets antsy and won’t stop bugging until we go out even if it is to the back yard. The fresh air makes me feel better even on the bad days. 

Living with a disability can be challenging not only for the obvious reasons like challenges it poses to day to day life but just trying to feel normal and make the best of the situation that you are in. It is very easy to isolate yourself and not let people in. Sometimes it is hard to know if people are genuine or do they just pity my situation. I want to surround myself with people that don’t treat me differently and can ignore my disability and see me for me. It is hard to find true people sometimes that really want to spend time with me because they truly like spending time with me. Being in a small community does not make this easy. It is also hard to do some of the things that you want to do in a small town as well, especially when you have a disability. The odds of me gaining employment in the town I live in are next to zero, people just can’t look past my disability. I am no longer Ashley Nemeth I am the blind girl with the dog and I don’t say that because I am throwing a one man pity party I have heard people say oh that is that girl that went blind and went to get a dog. 
I have like to think that I have pretty thick skin and that I don’t let things really bother me all that much. But I do feel defeated some days. I am really looking for my outlet, because when I am feeling defeated and down I tend to take it out on the people around me and well that is not fair to them. 
So what am I going to do about it, well I am going to focus my time and energy into something I want to do. I have nothing but time so why not have a little fun. I was thinking of doing a you tube channel, I don’t really care if I get any subscribers just like with this blog. But it gives me that outlet that I need and I really enjoy writing so here I am writing to you ! Maybe I will try and do a little writing on the side as well some short stories or something. 
I have been getting involved in some blind communities online through Facebook and other social media outlets and it is nice to connect with some people that are going through the same struggles as I am. 
Thanks for listening !
Until next time ! 
Ashley and Rick 

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