Ignorance runs high !!!

We all I believe have those days that you just need to vent and get something off your chest, well today is one of those days so if you don’t want to read any further I fully understand. There is nothing up beat about what I have to write today but a frustration that needs to be out there for all to see,

I love my guide Rick and would never go back to a cane, but with that comes some challenges and sometimes those challenges can be very hard to deal with on a regular basis. There has been a few days lately where I have not even wanted to go out shopping with my husband and kids or when I have let them run in and Rick and I wait in the car it is just easier ! How sad is that because the freedom that I feel with Rick is amazing yet there is that part that just doesn’t want to deal with the ignorance and the rudeness and down right stupidity that is out there every where we go every time we go.

Every place I go in public I feel like the 3 ringed circus is in town. People are constantly “oh a dog, she must be blind “, “oh wow it is a seeing eye dog”, “such a beautiful dog”, “you are so lucky to have a dog”, “puppy puppy awe you are so cute hey puppy “, (petting Rick ) “oh my god your dog is amazing can I pet him “, “she is blind”, “awe poor girl is blind and she has kids”, “that dog must have cost you a pretty penny” and the list goes on !!!!!! and on !!!!!! And along with all the comments comes the petting him and when I say please don’t pet him he is working they begin talking to him and getting in his face ! LIKE REALLY ! I didn’t say you can’t pet him because he will bite you it is because you are distracting him and talking to him does the same. And as for the comments they are not always directed at me but really keep your voice down if you are going to talk about someone as they walk by blind does not mean I am DEAF ! I hear quite fine intact !

I wish people would take something into consideration I love my guide but I just want to be able to go shopping or out for a meal or where ever with my family and enjoy what we are doing or maybe I just want to get in and out of Walmart as fast as the next person. Would you like it if I came up to you and looked in your cart and said “Oh wow super tampons hey ? must be that time of month again hey ? so how is that treating you ? how long is your cycle. My brothers cousins wife’s friend that I met 3 years ago buys the same tampons same strength and everything do you know her ? Like is there a group for people like you ? ” I am sorry but you would want to punch me in the face ! Privacy and Respect is all I want ! Yes Rick is amazing I am sure you have many questions but there is a time and a place. There is also many other ways to find out what you are wondering about guide dogs example a blog or the web site for guide dogs for the blind heck google and youtube ! But being inconsiderate and rude when I am with my family is not the place or the time !

Now I am not saying that I don’t love to brag about Rick and where he came from and all of that but do it in the right way ! I have had a few people stop me and say can I ask you a couple questions about your dog . Why yes you may, or if I am busy I have had to say I am sorry I am in a bit of a hurry but I can give you my e mail and you can contact me if you would like. Just be respectful please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is defiantly a learning curve for me as to how to deal with this and also coping with it ! I don’t like to be the centre of attention but I also have a tendency to tell you where to go in a hurry so it has been a huge struggle and I needed to get it off my chest !

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick

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