New Year New Adventures

2014 is almost over and 2015 is fast approaching. There has been a lot that has happened over the past year and I am looking forward to 2015. I am not making any New Years Resolutions because they are always the same and I can never seem to keep them so what the heck this year I am not making any then there is nothing to feel like I have failed at. So I am going to go into this year with a open mind and enjoy what it brings my way.

I do know that I am hoping for warmer weather in the New Year. It is -40c right now here. I am not shocked as we do live in Saskatchewan and well it just wouldn’t be winter if it didn’t get so cold you want to move. When it is this cold I hate going out but I go stir crazy if I don’t so it is a catch 22 on that one. We did venture out with my husband today to go to the city and do some errands and some returns from Christmas and it was very very cold. Rick was not loving the weather today that is for sure but he is figuring out that he has to go out and do his business with less sniffing for the right spot if he doesn’t want to freeze his paws.

My husband got me a colour identifier for christmas and I was so excited and then we started playing with it to see how well it worked and I was disappointed to be honest. It was not even right 50% of the time so that is not good. So I am going to return that one and see what I can find for something a little more accurate. As my vision gets worse it can be hard to accept the changes and the things that I can no longer see. But I have started finding people that are also VI (visually impaired) or blind so that I can connect with others going through the same things that I am and hopefully not feel so alone sometimes.

But back to the New Year ! It is going to be awesome and I am really looking forward to it. I am looking forward to the few things I have planned. I am trying to figure out how to make you tube videos and how I will be able to edit them which has proven to be a little challenging as I have never done anything like that before so I am hoping to have a video up in the next few weeks and see how it goes. I also have a few ideas for some blog posts which I am excited about writing. I have also started trying to promote my blog so hopefully I can get my view out there a little more.

Hope you all have a great New Year !!!!!!!
Until next time !
Ashley and Rick

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