Spring Time !

 Hello Everyone !

Spring is here or at least it feels like it is. The weather has been amazing the snow is melting the sun is shining. I really like the warmer weather but the downside of spring with a guide dog especially a yellow one is that he is a muddy mess every time we leave the house at this point. This means daily baths and I am sure he hates that more than the cold and I know I do. But on the upside it is much warmer out YAY !

Rick and I have been very very busy, getting out every day to walk and enjoy the sun. We have also mastered a few new routes in the city that we are able to do solo and I am loving it. We get to go up to the city about once a week some weeks more. And we are finding new things to do and we are loving it. Starbucks and Tim Hortons are our regular stops and Rick can find them like no ones business he loves coffee just like me! We are two peas in a pod.

I have officially started a support group for seniors new to vision loss and have about 20 members, our first meeting is coming up next week and I am excited and very nervous. I have also been very involved in my toastmasters group and having so much fun doing it all.

I finally feel like I am in the best place that I have been in the last year. I am enjoying what we are doing and the more I network and get out there the more I am hoping things will happen. I am really liking the advocacy for the blind and the speaking that I have been doing. I am looking to try and get into some more speaking. And this is the path that I am hoping to pursue. So far it is working out really well and I am very happy with it !

Rick is doing great he is enjoying the weather and getting outside to play and to go for walks just because not that we are going anywhere specific. And most of all he is happy that our outings don’t include socks, boots, and a winter coat.

Until Next Time
Ashley and Rick

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