Blind Parents

As a mother of 3 life can be very interesting, busy, crazy and many different things at any given time. They definitely keep me guessing and keep me on my toes. 

All of my kids have their own personalities that have developed over the years. My daughter is 11 and the boys are 8 and 7. I love being a mother to my three kids more than anything. I will always sacrifice things to give them what I believe to be the best for them. This comes into play with my sight loss. It would be much easier for me to have the life that I want if I was in a bigger city with public transit and more opportunities but we moved out to a rural community when the kids were small because we wanted to raise them in a small community. So even though life would be much easier in a city for me, we are not moving in the near future. I think as parents we always are making sacrifices. 
When it comes to my visual impairment, the kids are great. They have always been great kids with that part of my life. When they were small I would go crazy when they would walk to far away. I could not tell them apart from other kids and I would get worried that Iwould not see them walk in front of a car or something, so they learned very young to stay close. Also when we would go to the park they would always come and check in with me every few minutesm it would get hard to keep track of them sometimes. Especially when they got old enough to explore a little more on their own. Now as they have gotten even older they know if I call them or ask where they are they need to answer. They help a lot around the house especially when it comes to reading instructions on food things or labels or just helping find things in the house that have been moved. 
The kids are all in school and this can bring it’s own challenges. When it comes to homework it can be a little difficult to help them. Especially the youngest because he doesn’t read as well as the others, but he is good about just telling me the letters so we can figure out what it is he needs. My husband helps the kids with their homework as much as possible as he can see what they are doing and it just makes it much easier. The kids are great when they make something at school like a craft or a picture they will bring it home and start describing it right away. It melts my heart every time they do this for me. 
Now there are challenges having kids being blind but I don’t think that they are any greater than the challenges a fully sighted person faces. The one thing that I have found is that they will try to slip something by me because they know I can’t see it. Like a shirt they shouldn’t wear to school (tank top in the winter ), my daughter having some crazy hair and saying she has done it (I check but I guess she is hoping I won’t). And if these are the biggest challenges that I am facing right now then I say we are doing great. 
I am very grateful to have the kids that I have and to be their mother. I know people question the ability of mothers when they have a disability but reality is that a disability does not make you a good or bad parent. All it means is that you will do things differently. But most importantly I think that my kids will always have a understanding of people with disabilities, and not judge them like so many people do because they know they are just as capable as anyone else. 
I hope you all have a great mothers day next week ! And are enjoying the spring weather ! Rick and I sure are enjoying the weather and looking forward to being able to open the camper for the first time this year on May long weekend. We have also been enjoying the golf course ! 
Until Next Time 
Ashley and Rick 

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