Your Dog Has Boots !!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is well. Recently my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas Nevada to see my little sister get married. We had a good time I was a little nervous about the amount of people and how Rick would do. I was right to be nervous not because Rick had a hard time but because people are rude, and inconsiderate.

There were a few times that I had to go back to our room and take a break because I could feel my emotions getting the better of me. The reason for this is because people have no filter. It was hot out the pavement was hot, so Rick was wearing boots when we went for a walk on the strip every second person was saying “oh my god that dog has boots”, “why is that dog wearing boots”, “that poor dog has boots”, and on and on. I had a few people point out that I was blind or didn’t look blind and so on. We had only been on the strip for about 2 hours and it was even starting to get to my husband.

I am not sure why people think this is ok. We are not an exhibit at the zoo, I am aware that my dog is wearing boots, I put them on him. I am aware that I am blind hence why I have the dog. I am aware that my eyes are not cloudy, that is because I do not have cataracts or any of the other conditions that cause that. Now I would never walk down the street and say “oh my look she has purple hair” “oh my her shorts are too short” “oh that poor girl has to wear braces” .

I know many people are intrigued by my Guide Dog and that is great but don’t forget that there is a person behind that dog, a person that has feelings a person that can hear you quite fine. If I must remind you it is my eyes that don’t work my ears are great. It can be very hurtful when people including family will say hi to my dog and make a fuss over my dog and don’t even say hi to me.

If you come across a Guide Dog and their handler ignore the dog ask them how they are, they are aware their dog is cute, they are aware their dog is wearing boots, they are aware how smart their dog is. We are people and like to be treated as such !

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick

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