CNIB Night Steps !!

Hello Everyone,

I have shared on my Facebook page about the CNIB Night Steps, and asked you to support me in raising money for this amazing organization. I thought with the walk approaching on September 26th I would tell you a little bit about why I am asking for your support and what they have done for me.

As many of you may know I was born legally blind, I was first introduced to the CNIB when I was in grade 4 so I was about 8-9 years old. This was a major thing for me. Their involvement in my education meant that I was able to be on a more level playing field with my peers and learn the skills that are so necessary for my daily life now. They assisted in everything from getting me a computer (this was a bigger feat when I was a kid since computers were not as popular ), I learned to type and do basic functions on a computer, I had all my books and handouts enlarged so that I could easily see them. As I got older and moved to the high school they were much more involved by helping get me the services that I needed. In high school I learnt Braille, and Orientation and Mobility (white cane and independent travel), as well as Independent Living Skills (ILS) which taught me how to cook and and other daily living tasks such as cleaning, laundry all that day to day stuff that needs to be done. When I went to University they were there to help teach me how to get around the University and give me the tools I needed to be successful. The thing that has always amazed me is that whenever you encounter a problem with your vision and something you want to do you can call them and they will be there to help you figure it out. As my vision has changed over the last few years they have been there every step of the way to help me figure out how to cope with the new changes and teaching me new things that I can do to make things easier. They were also a huge part in me getting Rick my Guide Dog they were there to help me through the process and give me the skills to qualify for a Guide Dog as well.

The CNIB is a integral part of any blind or partially sighted individual, whether you lose your sight as an adult or are born blind you will need the services of the CNIB. The main part of their funding to provide these needed services to Canadians is the generous donations of the public. Without the CNIB there would be none of these services provided. If you are paralyzed in an accident you will be rehabilitated through our health care system, if you go blind in an accident you will not be rehabilitated through our health care system, you will need the services of CNIB.

Please consider supporting me and the thousands of other Canadians living with vision loss ! It will be a great time !! Rick and I will be walking and raising money to support the services of CNIB !!!! Hope to see you there !

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