Prayers for a cure ? but I don’t need one !

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. We had a busy but good Christmas, it is always nice to see family and spend time with each other.

As I was doing some Christmas shopping before Christmas I had a couple of things happen and thought, it would be a great time to let people know this is not something that you should ever do no matter what your faith is or what time of the year it is.

Not for the first time I was at a restaurant with some friends and we were getting ready to leave, a gentleman came over and started to talk to me asking if he could pray for me. Now I knew why he wanted to pray for me because like I said this is not the first time this has happened to me, but I didn’t want to be rude so I said “If you feel like you need to.” Without hesitation he began to pray for me to have my sight returned to me and for me to be cured.

The main thing that I want you to know is that there is nothing wrong with me, I am perfectly healthy, independent and live a very full and great life. There are people out there who maybe would want your prayers if they were sick and dying and upon hard times, however I am not one of them. I know it may sound completely outlandish but I am very happy with how my life is going and how I am living. My vision loss has made me who I am today it is a part of me but it does not define me or hold me back.

It is not a good idea to assume that all people who have a disability want to have a “normal” life. I have thought about this long and hard, if I was offered to have my sight back tomorrow would I take it ? My answer crazy as it may sound to you is No. I think it would be very over whelming at this point to see everything around me and I am perfectly happy in my life as it is right now. I don’t see my lack of vision as a part of my life that needs fixing. I see it as something that makes me a stronger person that has many talents and skills to offer.

Your faith is yours and I am not trying to be rude, I just want people to realize I am living a full and happy life regardless of my lack of vision so lets save those prayers for people who are truly struggling and need the prayers behind them to get through the next hurdle in their life.


One thought on “Prayers for a cure ? but I don’t need one !

  1. Well said. I have been in similar situations, and it is so uncomfortable. It is often much harder for those around us to come to terms with our blindness than it is for us. Strangers who don’t know anyone who is blind have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that we are healthy, happy and completely fine being blind.


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