Blind Makeup and Fashion

Who did your makeup ? Who picks out your clothes ? These are questions I get asked on a regular basis. I don’t mind that people ask them, it is the only way that we are going educate people about our abilities and over come these stigmas that we live with every day. Now to answer those questions for you.

I DO !! I love makeup this was not always the case, I was a major tom boy back in the day and would rather have been out playing with the boys getting dirty than wear makeup. This is still true to some extend these days, I love to strap on my snowboard and get outside and get dirty, but I also really enjoy some girly time as well.

Doing my makeup is something that I learned to do from my mom when I was about 13 or 14 years old. Like I said earlier I never wore makeup very often but I did when there was a nice occasion to go to. With the help from my mom I figured out what colours looked good on me and how to apply it so I did not look like a clown. Now that I am older and like to wear makeup more often I have really perfected the skill of putting it on, or atlas it is perfect for what I need. I do it the same way as any other person with sight would, except I can do it in the dark when my husband is sleeping and without a mirror so there is perks. I have some of my makeup labeled with my pen friend (a voice recording labelling device ) and I also have most of the products memorized as to what their packaging feels like etc. My makeup is also very organized into drawers. There is limits to what I can do when applying makeup such as I can not for the life of me get liquid eye liner to work however I am not sure this is because of my sight. I also have little tricks that I use such as putting my eye liner on before my eye shadow so that if the line is not strait or the same as the other eye my eye shadow will hide it a little bit.

When shopping for makeup I have to ask for help. I will ask very specific questions about the products such as it’s colour and try to gauge the shade of the colour and if that is what I am looking for. I also use my friend to help with this, I will call her and face time with her when I am in the store to make sure that it is a shade that I would wear. Everyone has a different opinion of colour and how they describe colour so having someone you trust is very important. I will also take my husband with me if it is something very specific I am looking for that I can explain very well because he does not know the difference between blush and lipstick. But he gets an A for effort.

When it comes to fashion, I don’t like to look like I don’t care or like just because I am blind it is ok to wear things that don’t match or look horrible on me. Just because I can not see does not mean that I am not aware that our appearance plays a large part in a first impression and weather or not someone is going to take you seriously. I also feel better when I think I look good everyone wants to look good. I also like to shop, I like to feel the fabrics in the store and look at all the new things that are out.

When I go shopping for clothes I will go alone or with my husband usually, I often again have to ask for help if I am looking for something specific. This again gets tricky with colour because everyone describes colour very differently so I will just ask questions like “is there any green to the blue or is it just blue ? ” “is this more of a coral pink or a bubble gum pink?” “can you describe the pattern and how large it is ?”. People are generally very helpful when it comes to going out shopping. I really enjoy shopping alone if I am not looking for anything specific I will walk around the store and feel all the clothes and if I find something I think I like how it feels and the shape of it I will ask someone in the store to describe it in more detail.

I am writing this today to help people to understand that being blind does not mean that I am going to never worry about how my hair, makeup and clothes look and that I will walk around in a cat sweat suit. (if cat sweat suits are your thing, all the power to you ! ) I want to be taken seriously and my vision does not affect my ability to do things like wear matching clothes and put makeup on. I love a shopping and getting my nails done like any other girl !!!!

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick

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