One Step at a Time

There are days when you decide that you are not going to sit back and take life as it comes to you but rather take life and make it your own.

Lately I have been reminded that life is mine to take, it has not been easy and it has not been without many days of doubt and frustration. However it has been a great experience thus far.

When taking on a new challenge there are always going to be obstacles in the way. When you have a disability that requires you to make adaptions to every day life you will run into challenges. It is what you do with those challenges that will make all the difference. There is always a way to make it work. Now that may not always come easy, it may take many days of frustration, anger, tears and many more emotions but when you overcome that challenge and figure it out there is nothing that will compare.

There are still times when I fall into the trap of feeling like “if I could just see” and that is not a place that I like to be in. I try to do my absolute best to stay away from those words. I am human though and I will find myself thinking “this would be so much easier if I could just see”. When that happens it is time to remind myself that I can do so many things and have done so many things, this is just a set back and in time I will figure it out and I will be on my way to the next challenge very shortly. If it comes too easily we don’t appreciate it so the harder I have to work for it the better off I am.

So many people feel alone in their blindness and that people just don’t understand. They really don’t, and they never will. They can not fully feel how you feel as they don’t have the same experiences in life that you do, even if they put on a blind fold for a little while they still have only a small glimpse of your reality. Because at the end of the day they can take that blind fold off and see the world through their eyes. But remembering that sight does not mean that you are better or worse than someone else it is what you do with your experiences and your life that make you special.

I am hoping by me sharing my experiences with my own disability I can help even one person feel like they are not alone but part of an amazing adventure in life.

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick IMG_2977