Making Makeup Accessible

Hello Everyone,

There are so many people that think that I am not able to wear makeup because I am blind. There are also a lot of people who are not sure how I am able to decipher which products are which when getting ready. I will show you today and try to explain how I am able to do this today !

I use three methods to know what products are which, the first one I use is common sense I am able to remember certain products due to the unique shape of their packaging. I also use a Pen Friend which is a device that looks like a large pen that you wave over re-recordable labels. I also use braille labels, not that often but I do use them sometimes.

Pen Friend

The picture above is the Pen Friend you will see throughout this post that on many of my products there is small round white stickers on them. These are the recordable labels that I am able to record the colour and or brand or whatever else is pertinent. So for example my Kat Von D lipstick I have, has a label on it and when you wave the Pen Friend over it it reads” Kat Von D Lipstick Lolita a darker nude shade.” This is the information that I get when I am shopping for my makeup and I will usually ask my good friend whom I trust with the descriptions of colours.

braille bronzer

Here is a photo of my bronzer which has a braille label on it, this is the one I grab most days so it was just easier to put a braille label on it. The Braille says br which is short for bronzer when I use them on blush for example it will say bl.

shampoo and toothbrush

Here is a photo of my Shampoo and Conditioner and I threw my tooth brush in there as well. This is a simple way of being able to distinguish my shampoo from conditioner because the bottles feel the same way. The one with the elastic around it is the shampoo and you guessed it the other is conditioner. I also use a elastic on my tooth brush, I love my husband but I am not fond of sharing tooth brushes.

Clinique products

The above photo is of my facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. This is an example of common sense the bottles are all different therefore it is easy to distinguish between the three of them so there is no need to mark them.

Here is a collage of my other makeup products that I use on a regular basis, you will see that some have labels on them and some do not. I memorize a lot of things for my day to day life. I am able to go through my closet and know what most clothing items are just by feeling them. So with my brushes this is what I do, I just use touch to figure out which is which. With my eye liner I am able to tell them all apart right now but there have been times where two will feel very similar so i have marked them with a Pen Friend label. My mascara has a orange bump on dot, that raised dot tells me that when my finger is on it the curve in the brush of the mascara is up. All of my powders and blushes also have a pen friend label on them and or braille depending on what I mark it with when I get it. My lipstick all have Pen Friend dots on them and I usually try to say what the colour is like and what it goes well with. My foundation I just use the shape of the bottles but have marked them with braille or pen friend labels. My eye shadow pallets I have the colours that will look good on me memorized. If I want to use a colour I have not memorized I will video chat with a good friend and have her describe the colour to me and then I will also have her check if it looks ok.

There are many things in my life that I have just found a way to do them and this is one that I am happy I was able to make it work. I enjoy makeup and the challenge of putting it on and making it look good. So many times people think that my husband puts on my makeup and he is great at painting nails but I do not think he could do a better job than me putting on makeup.

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick


Instagram : ashleyandguiderick

Twitter :@NemethAshley

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