Finding Our Own Outlet

We all need something to turn to that helps us through those tough times, that thing we can turn to for comfort. For me that thing is writing, it has been something I have turned to in good times and in bad times from the time I was a kid.

When things in school were really bad with bullying and life was tough I would write down my feelings and get it out. As I got older I kept doing it and it was always a safe place for me to say what I really wanted to say. I also wrote a lot of poems and short stories that really showed how I was feeling at that time.

The thing that I really love about writing is that it is something that I have always been able to do no matter where my vision was at. I never needed to do anything different than anyone else I could always just put down my thoughts and have that outlet that I needed for me.

Finding what works for you is an important part of our lives it is what we can turn to when we need that outlet. I have always been a little shy about sharing my creative writing but I think it is a good thing to share a part of yourself sometimes to let people know who you are.

I wrote the following piece for a creative writing class that I was taking a few weeks ago and thought I would share it here today.

A Spring Day

As I sit and enjoy the world around me I am reminded I experience the world around me in a unique and beautiful way. It reminds me how lucky I am to live the life I do.
As I sit here I hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the trees leaves. I hear the buzzing of the bees and wasps nearby. The water rushing into the shore and lapping against the rocks.
As I sit here I smell the fresh cut grass, the fresh air and flowers blooming nearby. The smell of fresh water and fresh grass alongside the flowers is a tranquil smell, it reminds me how lucky I really am to be able to sit here and enjoy the world around me.
As I hear a bike pass by on the path the rocks popping under the tires, a stroller goes by and I hear the giggles of a young child. The freedom we all feel when we are young is something I never want to lose.
As I sit here and my skin warms from the sun shine, and I feel the cool breeze every so often, my skin prickles with the sensation of a beautiful spring day.
As I sit here in the dark I am able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, and everything the seasons bring with them.
Not missing a beat but enjoying every second of the world around me.
By Ashley Nemeth

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I wanted to let everyone know that I also have a YouTube channel now and will be covering the same types of topics i do here in my blog. The link to my YouTube channel is

Have a great week !
Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rik

Depression and Blindness

There are many people out there that once they find out I am blind assume that I am miserable and live a horrible life. I have really made it my mission to show people the positive side of blindness and that I don’t live a miserable life. I wake up every day and live my life the way I want, I do not sit in a rocking chair listening to the radio.

There is a side to my life that I am not always as willing to speak about and that is that I suffer from depression, my blindness and my depression however are not related. I am not depressed because I am blind, I am not depressed because I feel like I am missing out on life and my family. My depression is something that I have struggled with my whole life. Many times when I get depressed it is because I don’t feel like I am pushing myself hard enough or that I am not on the path in life that I feel like I should be on. I can be my worst critic and I am very hard on myself to succeed.

There are many people out there that suffer from depression even if they do not live with a disability. I believe that it is an important thing to talk about and to not hide because when we speak about it we break down the stigma behind mental illness. There is no shame in taking medication to help you deal with mental illness, it also does not make you less of a person.

We all have struggles that we need to work through and overcome, the way that we deal with those struggles will determine how you come out on the other end.

So many times with social media we look at Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram and think wow I wish my life was as good as theirs or I wish I had their life. The thing to remember is that we all can portray whatever we want on social media. Most people will not post the truth and the ugly that is in their life. I think it is very important to show people the good the bad and the ugly because that is reality. That reality will make us stronger it will make us better people.

There is a silver lining to the days that I am just really struggling to see the positive things around me, and that is that Rick (my Guide Dog) seems to know when I am feeling down and he gives extra cuddles and extra love and can usually help me see the positive things all around me. There are many different parts of my life that make me the person I am and I am proud of all of them.

I hope that if any of you are struggling in any way you are able to look at the positive things around you and take the time to be the best you.

Until Next Time
Ashley and Rick

Living with Albinism

I get many questions about what causes my blindness and the easy answer is Albinism. Albinism is a lack of pigment in your eyes, skin and hair. Living with Albinism has had it’s challenges but it also makes me who I am and I love that.

Some of the challenges with living with Albinism are that well the sun and I do not get along. I will burn in what feels like seconds, and I mean burn not like a little pink, but like it hurts to lay on your back burn. I also never ever tan I get red and burn and then it goes away and I burn again there is no “oh my burn makes a good base tan”. When it is hot out and you want to go swimming in the pool and your hair turns a lovely shade of green from the chlorine in the pool ! This is never a good look !

photo of me on the deck wear a pink shirt and sunglasses 

The sun and my eyes hate each other more than my skin and the sun. I can not stand the sun in my eyes there are no sunglasses dark enough to keep the sun from hurting my eyes. It is so uncomfortable for my eyes that even though all I can see is a little bit of light I wish I could not. I have to keep the blinds in my house down durning the day it is like a dungeon in here. When I hear people say “in my home I want lots of natural light” I am over here wishing my house had less windows !

My eyes have a nystagmus which is something that goes along with having albinism. Nystagmus is the involuntary movement of your eyes or dancing eyes. I have a rotary nystagmus so my eyes move in a circle all the time this always made it really hard to focus when I had vision. Now that I only see small amounts of light it makes that light bounce around when it is really bright which can drive me nuts.

Living with Albinism makes us unique and it is a part of us. There are many people who live with albinism and are shunned because of where they were born and it is truly a nightmare that this happens today. I think that we are all beautiful amazing people no matter what. Albinism is just a part of us that makes us who we are but we are not magical, we do not have red eyes, we don’t all look identical because like every person there is a wide spectrum of albinism and an even wider range of people and personalities that have albinism.

Today June 13th is International Albinism Awareness Day, I am proud of my albinism and the person it has made me today and I hope that every person living with Albinism can feel the same way !

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick

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Blind Travel


I have heard so many times that people who are blind or partially sighted can not travel alone or go sight seeing because they would be missing out on so much around them. I am all about proving people wrong so today I am going to give you a little insight into the trip I am currently on.

I left for the air port at 3:00 am on Wednesday June 1st 2016 and had my husband drop me off at the counter. After asking for some help from the air line I was at my gate and ready to go ! Rick and I got a coffee (which was a priority that early ) and waited for our plane. In Canada we are given a second seat so that your service animal has more room at your feet which is much appreciated by both Rick and I as he takes up a lot of room and does not fit under the seat in front of us. Rick travels really well and curls up at my feet and has a nap. This trip we had seats in the last row of the plane and there is no seat right beside the window which gave Rick much more room which was nice and he also enjoyed looking out the window !

Photo description – First photo is of Rick yellow lab laying on the floor waiting at the gate at the airport, photo two is of Rick curled up on the floor at my feet on the airplane and photo three is Rick sitting looking out the window of the plane.

I love to travel and I love to travel alone. I think there are stressful parts of travelling but that is the case even when you can see. The thing I love about it is that it is my choice, I can decide to go or not to go. Being able to live my life my way is very important to me. I want to go to new places and meet new people and visit friends and family and show people everywhere what I am capable of and the more I travel the more I will be able to do that.

I also quite enjoy sight seeing this may seem a little weird to some because I can’t see, but when people describe things to me I enjoy it, but I also experience the places a little differently. Like today my mom and I were able to go to Parliament Hill in Ottawa Ontario and tour the buildings and sit in on Question Period. I don’t feel like I missed anything! I enjoyed the sounds around me the smell of the library (which was heaven, I love books), the sound of the people around us the the feel of the brick on the walls and the texture of the statues. The energy during question period was great just listening in was a huge highlight for me. As the person giving us a tour was describing the things around me I was able to take it all in. My experience was no less exciting just because I could not see what was around me. I think that people forget that we have more than one sense.

Photo description – photo one is of Rick and I standing at the gate to parliament hill, photo two is Rick and I standing on the stairs under the peace tower, photo three is of Rick and I standing at the John A McDonald statue, photo four is of my mom, Rick and I standing in the beautiful library in the parliament building.

Walking down the streets of a new city is a great experience, hearing the sounds of the crowded streets, music and the smell of the restaurants and coffee shops. I can sniff out a good coffee shop like no ones business ! Going into new shops and browsing, even without sight I throughly enjoy shopping.

Our trip has just begun and we are going to be taking it all in and enjoying every moment !

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick