Why I Advocate !

Why am I an advocate for the blind and visually impaired ? Why have I made it my full time job to write this blog and put up YouTube videos about blindness ?

I am passionate about change and making sure that the next generation wont have to fight as hard as we do now and have in the past. I want accessibility to be in the front of the minds of every person in the world. I want children in school to not have to fight for the things that they need to have an education on the same playing field as their non-disabled class mates. I want people to know that accessibility is not a privilege but a basic human right.

You would never accept people being denied jobs or meals in a restaurant for being a red head or for wearing glasses, so the fact that so many people do not know these things happen to people with disabilities says that I have lots more work to do.

More than wanting to help change the perception of disability, I want to show the kids and people new to vision loss that blindness does not need to stop you. You can decide what you want for your life. I hope that in the work that I do I can help just one person view their blindness in a positive way then I am happy.

I was thinking the other day that I haven’t accomplished much this year and then my husband reminded me of everything that I have done. I am not someone to highlight what I have accomplished but I think that it may also help someone to know what they are capable of.

So here is a general list of the things that I was involved in this past year.
Peer Support Group Leader for CNIB
Eye Safety Presentations at multiple schools in southern Sask
I had a story published in Toastmasters Magazine
I started a YouTube channel
I took a writing class
I wrote the first chapter to a book
I was the key note speaker at Visions Luncheon in Regina SK
I ran in the provincial election
I was on CTV multiple times
I had a Feature Story in the Leader Post about me
I went snowboarding multiple times
I truly live my life the way I want to !!! \
I do not tell you these things to pat myself on the back, I tell you these things because I want people to know that no matter what they want to do they can.

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick

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