Inclusive Greetings

Hello Everyone,

I love to share my experiences and life with you to help you to understand how I am able to live a full and amazing life despite doing it in the dark. Today I am going to be sharing something a little bit different with you. I have found a company that makes greeting cards and not just any greeting cards but fully accessible greeting cards. You may be wondering and why does that matter ?



I love getting cards and the notes people write in them for me, it is something they had to put thought into and it always means so much. However without being able to see, sometimes I feel like I am not able to enjoy this as much as I would like.

With the amazing cards from Inclusive Greetings I am able to enjoy the cards from the raised tactile picture on the front of the card to the braille sentiments in the inside. You are able to customize the cards to your liking with just braille or braille and print.



Services like this make me so happy to be able to share because they are completely inclusive and see someone who can not see a normal card and want to help them to have that experience as well. Any time a company takes the time to figure out how to include everyone touches my heart.

If everyone took the time to make sure that their products and services were accessible to all we would live in an amazing world. This is not a sponsored post I purchased the cards and key chain with my own money to share with you because I believe companies like this are the change that needs to happen.




Please check out Inclusive Greetings on TwitterInstagram and their Etsy Shop. They are an amazing couple and were great to work with. They have other products like key chains and tactile art which is amazing. Please support this company if you are at all able to.

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick

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