She’s Not Completely Blind !

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well, I wanted to share an experience that I had today.

I went for lunch just myself and my Guide Dog Rick, I needed to get out of the house and it was a beautiful day. We had a fabulous lunch at a local cafe. In this cafe they also have a boutique for women’s clothing and things. It is a great little place for our community and I love to go every now and then.

After we had lunch I thought I would take a look around at the clothes. Yes I like to “look” around at clothes and things. I usually just feel the fabrics and the cut of the clothing and if it feels like something I like I will ask what the pattern or colour is and for more detail. As I was feeling around the store at some of the clothing a lady approached me and said how beautiful Rick was. I said thank you and we had a good conversation about Rick and how amazing service dogs are. As she was going to leave she told the other lady with her to watch her step. She then turned to me and said watch your step to dear. The other lady then says “oh she isn’t completely blind.” I said well actually I am, but thank you. She then began to tell me that she watched me while I had lunch and I ate just fine and used my phone.

These types of comments come often and they used to really make me mad. It is like they are saying that I am faking it. However, anger gets me no where. These kinds of comments now just fuel my fire and passion to make the world understand blindness more.

I am able to eat and not make a huge mess because I am an adult I am aware of how a fork and knife work and I am also aware of where my mouth is. Had she been watching carefully she would have seen me ask the waitress where things were on the table and also she would have seen me using my knife almost like a cane around my plate. She may have also noticed that after I tried to pick up my sandwich stuff fell out and I did not want to wear it so I cut it up with my fork and knife. Had she been listening closely she would have heard that my phone was talking to me.

These comments are so unnecessary, I wish people would realize that the way they perceive blind people they have learned through the media and they are not accurate depictions.

Even though these comments get under my skin, I know that the only way to change the way society sees me and other people who are blind is to live my life to it’s fullest. One day if I keep working at it people will understand blindness and the misperceptions will be gone. A pipe dream I am sure but I am also very stubborn and determined.

Have a great day !

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick

4 thoughts on “She’s Not Completely Blind !

  1. Judy Rosenquist

    I’m sorry as some of us as human beings are ignorant. I enjoy your page seeing how you and Rick live day by day and enjoying your life. I tend to feel sorry for myself. I have an eye disease. But being able to wear hard contacts has made a difference. Thank you for showing how to live life to the fullest .

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  2. I am deaf/blind (Usher Syndrome) and I can totally relate to your experience. People in general do not realize that there are varying degrees of blindness so hence we get the responses you’ve rec’d. It is frustrating, annoying and all that. Sometimes when I’m not feeling too annoyed with the person, I try to politely educate them but too tend to get tedious and frustrating. All I can say is that life is never dull! Keep living your life to the fullest 🙂

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  3. Good article Ashley!! The equivalent of the “you don’t look like you’re blind” statement. Like @Carrie Ann Golden, I try to make the best of these situations by taking the opportunity to build awareness although there are those moments when it gets a little tiring. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, and I know there are few out here, but who in their right mind would want to fake blindness? As you say though living our lives to the fullest is the best advocacy tool we have at our disposal.


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