Audio Described Theatre Performances 

Hello Everyone, 

I am someone who has loved the theatre and going to the theatre for a long time. It is always a great experience but I have always wished that it was possible to have it audio described. As someone who is blind I love going to the theatre but there is always things that I miss with the performance. I have always had someone there to describe things to me but that takes away from them enjoying the performance. 

When I heard that the Globe Theatre in Regina was going to be doing a performance of the Little Mermaid that was completely accessible from audio description to ASL to less lighting changes for those with autism, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. I was not able to attend the show due to a scheduling conflict however after speaking with my friends who are partially sighted who attended the show, they said it was amazing. The Globe Theatre did an amazing job of describing what was going on as well as describing the amazing costumes. 

Cast members in a variety of brightly coloured costumes depicting sea creatures dancing around Ariel, the mermaid.
With places like The Globe Theatre trying to make their shows more accessible it means that I am able to enjoy the theatre even more than I have in the past and I will be able to attend any show not just the ones that rely heavily on dialogue. 

In this day and age inclusion is key, if you are not making things inclusive you are excluding a huge audience that would love to come and support you and enjoy the show. There is a misperception that people who are blind or partially sighted do not enjoy things like the theatre and the arts and that is very far from the truth. I love to experience all things art galleries, museums, land marks, theatre, film and when I see people trying to make these things easier for me to experience it makes me feel just like anyone else. It is an amazing feeling to be included. 

I encourage you to check out The Globe Theatre and support what they are doing it is not an easy feat to take on but they did an amazing job. 

Ariel, the mermaid, admiring her         Ariel, the mermaid, dancing on the stage. The lights make it look like she is underwater and giant pieces of seaweed hang from the ceiling around her furthering the illusion.
Inclusion in all aspects of the arts can be done and will make a world of difference. 

Until Next Time, 

Ashley and Rick 

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