Moving on up !!! Well moving !!! 

Hello Everyone ! 

It has been a while!! I hope you are all well. 

I have been very busy, we have decided to take a leap and move our family from rural Saskatchewan into the city. It has been a huge decision to make the move and one that we have not taken lightly. There was a lot that had to go into this move, is it the best for our kids, our family, me as someone with a disability? There was a lot of questions to be answered. The process of deciding to take this leap took us about a year. 

Me being blind and wanting to have the most independence that I could is one of the reasons for our move. There is also many other reasons for the move like both my husband and I work in the city so we have been spending a lot of time in the car commuting, and I want to return some of that time to my kids and family. Also I am not able to get to work and events in the evening without my husband waiting around in the city for me or having him drive me in on the weekends. I am someone who prides myself in being super independent and it is a huge priority for me to be as independent as possible. There are many many other reasons for our move but the thing I want to talk about today is the process of moving and buying a house when you are blind. 

The new house had to check many boxes for me and none of them were to do with paint colour or floooring. The house had to be in a neighborhood that had decent public transit. It had to be close to a  elementary school and have access to transit for a high school. There had to be a grocery store in the area that I could access without needing to take a bus ride or cab to get milk. It had to be walkable, it had to have sidewalks and be a really walking friendly neighborhood. The house had to make sense, I don’t like wide open space it complicates things for me. 

I also wanted a area that had some green space to take Rick my guide dog too and let him have some fun. And I wanted to feel safe, I wanted to feel safe letting my kids live life and play with their friends. 

Now that we have our move date, there is the other side of it which is now I need to learn the layout of the new house as well as all the routes to the schools, bus, mail box, grocery store, parks, and just learn the area in general. I find this stressful because I don’t like to rely on others. I have already started this process with an orientation and mobility specialist at CNIB. Then I will have to mark my appliances and learn the inside of the house. This is not a downside to moving it is simply my reality. There is more to me moving and it can be a little scary but it will be worth it for sure. 

The packing has begun and I am not a fan of packing but it needs to be done. And now that I am starting to change our address I realize how many places we have to change our address and holy cow. Moving when you are blind and have three kids 2 dogs, and way too much stuff is going to be an adventure. 

Until Next Time ! 

Ashley and Rick 

2 thoughts on “Moving on up !!! Well moving !!! 

  1. Moving is hard, but you are making it as pleasant as possible. We moved 2 years ago because our home no longer met a couple of the things you listed. Finding a place that would accommodate all my multiple sclerosis problems and my paraplegia was not easy, so I truly understand. Blessings in your new home.


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