Taking A Step Back

Hello Everyone,

I have been a little more quiet than normal on social media these days and even here on my blog. It was intentional in some ways, it was also unintentional in others because life is busy as we all know.

After accidentally neglecting my blog and social media for a couple of weeks I started to feel bad and have this guilt for not sharing, not looking at the stats, not chasing the dream. But in reality what was I chasing? Who was making me do it? Why are those stats so important?

I started this blog out of my frustration with the lack of education people had around blindness and how I could function as a blind mom and woman. It turned out I really enjoyed writing my blog so I continued to do it. I have always loved writing and sharing my story with everyone has been fabulous. Somewhere along the way I got lost in the stats and striving to make my blog and other social media stuff more successful and sustainable. But in getting lost in that side of it, what I loved doing turned into feeling like something I had to do. I wasn’t enjoying it in the same way I was.

Now that I have stepped away from things for a little while I am feeling like, I can come back. I am coming back not with the goal of being a blogger or a YouTuber or some social media super star, that is way too much pressure and not what my end goal is. And plus people online are nasty, online platforms give people this thought that they can say whatever they want and treat people like garbage, and I just don’t have the patience or the need for that crap in my life.

So why am I telling you this, you may be asking. Fair question! I don’t know! I wanted to share that I am not gone I am going to continue to share my life and the challenges and triumphs that come along, because that is why I started this, to share my story and hope it helps even just one person.

I think so many of us can get lost in the social media suck hole, and it is really a ugly place to be. Thank you all for being such wonderful readers and not being those nasty people online that make you feel like garbage. You are all amazing human beings and I am so grateful for that.

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Danson