Quiet Time…..

As someone who for so many years needed to be busy, busy all the time I am finding that I am really enjoying the piece and quiet. I still keep busy I suppose I mean I work full time, have three kids and a husband (so almost 4 kids sometimes), I also go to school, and have a YouTube Channel and this blog. I mean I suppose when I write it all out it sounds busy. But I used to sit on a lot of boards and be a part of many different things and now I find myself doing more for me.

I know there are times that I feel a little selfish for prioritizing the things that I love like reading, blogging, YouTube, furthering my education. Those are all the things that I chose to take on, because they make me feel good. When we say that we prioritize ourself and the things that we want so many times people will make us feel bad for that.

The major difference that I have found over the last year or two is that when I prioritize myself and the things that I want to do, my mental health is what wins at the end of the day. I can be a very stressed person, I want things to go my way, I want to plan, I want to know exactly what is happening. But taking the tine to do things for me has really helped to curb that in my down time. Now at my 9-5 job….well…..we are all a work in progress………right……….?

a close up dark image of a Mac laptop keyboard.
my computer is my happy place

I have often talked about how I love to read and one of the other things that I have always loved to do and have been doing since I was a kid is writing. Hence the blog. I find that when I am in the mood I can sit down and write multiple blog posts, and articles in a matter of a couple of hours. Are my blogs perfect? Nope not at all, but they are a true image of me, imperfect but perfectly ok with that! I have always been that type of person that when I sit down to write it just flows. I have been really thinking about this and being mindful when I get in the head space for writing and it is my therapy in some ways. It is the only time that I am not thinking about anything else except what I am writing. It is the only time that I feel at complete peace, it is the time when I feel like I can express myself in the way that I want to.

dark living room close up of a corner with a lamp not lit and a candle lit sitting on an end table.
there is always a light at the end of the tunnel

I think we all need to have that thing that is our quite time. That thing that is simply for us, and brings us a great amount of joy that after we are finished doing it, you can think, wow I needed that. In this time of life and society with social media and the notion that we need to be as busy as we can possibly be or you are lazy, or unproductive, or you won’t amount to anything, is craziness. I think more than ever we need those times of quiet, those times of absolute selfishness where we prioritize ourselves and what we need as human beings.

What is your go to quiet time, what is that one thing that brings you the most joy just for you?

Until Next Time

Ashley and Danson

International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day! This is a day where we can celebrate women all around the world who are making a difference and driving change. I think all women should be celebrated every single day.

When we support women they are able to do amazing things. I am so lucky to have so many women in my life that I look up to and who inspire me to be the best that I can be. The strong amazing women in my life have really helped me to hone in on who I want to be and build my confidence and self esteem. Women supporting women can really be a game changer.

There are so many people who feel like they are not good enough, no pretty enough, not fit enough, not… We put so much emphasis as a society on reaching for perfect. Yet the reality is that everyone is perfect just as they are. You are beautiful, you are fit enough, you are amazing in all your glory.

I want all women to feel the freedom of loving yourself no matter what. Knowing that you are amazing just the way you are and embracing everything that you have to offer. I have not always had these feelings and really struggled with my confidence and my self esteem, and it feels so freeing to not have that hate and doubt for myself every day.

Thank you to all the women in my life who I look up to, and support me in all my crazy. There is not a greater feeling than people who get you, support you and love you no matter what, even when you have all the crazy ideas. They help me to see the good when it all seems so overwhelming. And they are just so darn amazing. They are my family, my mentors, my friends, my coworkers and they mean the world to me.

Happy international women’s day, I hope you know how amazing you are and what you have to offer this world is worth it.

Until Next Time!

Ashley and Danson