Trying Not To Un-educate My Children……

We are all trying to figure out what our new normal is and what it is going to look like. For me, it has been a real rollercoaster; I am sure many of you are feeling the same.

I have had so much to say over the last 6 weeks or so but yet I would sit down to write and find that I just could not find the words that I was looking for to describe what I was feeling, how things were going, or just anything that made any sense.

The challenges that I am facing are the same as son many of you, transitioning to homeschooling my children, being in the house a lot, working from home, and just having a change in pace really. Most of these things for me are fine. There has been one that has been extremely hard for me; and that is homeschooling my children.

I have three children they are in grades 7, 8, and 11. They have transitioned to online school just like so many others. However this transition has been so much harder than I could have imagined with the accessibility for me as a parent. I have been frustrated with the inability to help to educate my children in the way that I should be able to because of the platforms that are being used snd the excessive amount of graphics, pdfs, and so many other barriers.

If education was accessible for all, all of the time there would be no issue for parents to come in and assist their children in learning. However the only time it is made accessible is when a child requires it. But here I am hoping that my children are not un-educated because of my lack of access to the materials to assist them in their education in these changing times.

In fact this week we have just taken a break, and that has not been easy for me. I feel so much guilt, anger, frustration, for not being able to access this material and help my children to learn yet I also feel guilt for feeling this way because I know that this is not easy for our teachers and everyone is having a hard time.

Getting used to a new normal can be hard, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions, it can include good days and bad days and that is perfectly okay. In fact, when there are times that you are going through major life changes like the lock out at your husbands work (that is a book, not a blog post lol), or changes in your employment, changes in health, changes in how we live our lives it is a good thing to reach out and say I am struggling. I have had to do that, it isn’t easy but at the end of the day making sure I can see the light at the end of the tunnel is very important for myself and my family.

I hope that you are all able to reach out if you need it and support others in this difficult time. We are all strong and we will come out on the other side better people with a new found love for our family and ourselves.

Until Next Time,

Ashley and Danson

Ashley laying her head on Danson a black lab as he is laying on the floor.

One thought on “Trying Not To Un-educate My Children……

  1. You will not un-educate your children! I’m glad you’re taking a break and I hope you give yourself a break as well. You’re an awesome mama! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Kids are resilient. And there are more ways than the “school way” to learn. Your kids are learning so much just from life right now.


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