Blind Dreamer – “Do you see in your dreams?”

Hello Everyone,

Do people who are blind dream? How do you dream if you don’t see in your daily life? These are questions that I get all the time. Now everyone is different but I can see how people would wonder about something like this so let’s chat about how I dream.

First of all, do I dream? The short answer is yes. Now how I dream has changed a little over the years. Why is that you may be thinking, well it is simple; because the way that I see has changed over the years.

When I was younger and had more vision I saw things in my dream the same way that I saw them in real life. So they were not clear, they were blurry and I could not always make out what I was seeing. Which makes sense because that was how I saw the world at that time. As my vision got worse over the years that is what was quite normal for me.

Now I have been totally blind now for about 5 years and that has really changed for me. For the first little while, I would dream like I had before. It was like I was dreaming from my visual memory. But over the last year, I have really noticed that I don’t have the visual memory that I used to. So now I really only dream with my other senses. I will hear things, or smell them and sometimes oddly enough taste or feel things.

I have found over about the last year that I don’t always remember how things looked or have a hard time pulling up an image of something in my mind. I was always told that your visual memory will sometimes fade, and I have definitely found that. Now I don’t think that this is for everyone, just like blindness the experience that one has when you are blind is a spectrum and not the same for everyone.

There isn’t a part of life that someone who is blind doesn’t experience they just experience it differently.

Until Next Time,

Ashley and Rick

Support Local – Reduce Waste

Hello Everyone,

I have been on a journey the last few months trying to cut back on my waste, adopting some zero waste alternatives in my home and in my personal life. I am far from zero waste at this point but I am definitely working to reduce my waste.


I found this local granola company that I fell in love with last summer. I found them at the Farmers Market and loved their product. They make small batches of amazing vegan granola, my favorite is the Maple Pecan Olie Oil granola.

They recently have made a huge change on the suggestion of a customer and that was to offer growlers. So you purchase a growler full of granola and then you return the growler and receive a new growler full of granola. You only pay for the jar the first time. I think this is amazing, a small company that makes it a priority to listen to their customers and reduce their waste.

When we shop local and support our local businesses we are helping to support those that are in our communities and we are also supporting sustainable business. I tend to feel like we have become such a big box store kind of society, and not for the better.


My parents owned a bakery for 26 years and it was a great way for our family to earn their living, it instilled a work ethic that I never would have received had we not owned a family business. It also taught me so many valuable skills at a young age, like management skills, problem-solving skills, customer service skills, and that quality matters. I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of a small family business that shaped me to be the person I am today. It is also the reason that I try to support as many local businesses as possible and I have a passion for business and management.

I believe that listening to your customers and doing business the way that you feel is right, not the way society tells you, you should, makes for an amazing business. There are so many times when the personal touches and ethics are taken out of business. We forget that morals, ethics, compassion, and passion is what will make an amazing company.

Check out this company they are amazing and have some Amazing granola. Small Batch Granola Mix , Instagram @mixsmallbatch, e-mail Lets all show them some love.

Until Next Time!

Ashley and Rick

Winter …… How we do it in Canada !

I get asked all the time how we (my guide dog Rick and I) get through the winters. Do I commute to work by walking, what do I do when it is really cold, So I figured I would answer those questions in this post.

I live in Saskatchewan Canada and it gets very cold here, this winter has been brutal. There have been many days between -30c and -42c (-22f to -43f) here. This is normal for us and we always have to factor in the wind chill and the wind chill makes a huge difference. I always hear people say, ” you can’t go out in that weather with your dog”. But the reality is that if I didn’t go to work with my dog each day he would have stayed home more than half of the winter which is from October – April. And the other option people say is, “I would not go to work if it was that cold”, but reality says I live in Canada it is cold get your butt to work.

It is possible to have a guide dog and be able to get to and from work walking to and from and using public transit even when your eye lashes are freezing (waterproof mascara is a must). There are a few things that I use for my dog to make sure that he is warm and comfortable and then there are things that I use that make sure I won’t be getting frost bite and freezing. There is definitely no time for a fashion statement when it is that cold. So here is an actual version of what ones winter wardrobe should look like while living in Saskatchewan or where ever there is winter. I always see and hear about all these cute trends for the winter and think, “hmmmm I might look cute but by god I would have frost bite and be freezing by the time I made it anywhere” so there is a huge difference between fashionable and functional, we are going for functional.

There has been some trial and error in what works and what is warm so here are some of my favorite winter weather must-haves when it is cold, really really cold.

The most important piece is a winter coat. This coat I invested in, I had enough of being frozen by the time I got anywhere. The jacket is made by a Canadian company which I really liked because they understand the struggle of cold weather and the extremes. It is made by a company named Quartz Nature. I have had this coat for 2 years now and love it, I stay nice and warm no matter how cold it gets. On -40c days I am able to get to work and stay relatively warm.

The next thing is boots. All I can say is invest in a good pair of boots if you are anything like me as soon as your feet get cold you are cold all over and there is no warming up until your feet are warm. So I have had a few different pairs of boots of the years and usually wore Sorell boots but this year I needed a new pair and wanted to try something a little lighter and found these boots by Keen. They are super light and have been warm. I always add some really warm cozy socks on really cold days but they are great.

The next few things are obvious one would think. But so many people just want to look nice but being cold sucks. So a good winter hat or tuque if you are Canadian is a must as well as a scarf and good mitts or gloves.


I have many different hats and scarves but the mitts are very warm they are leather and have a wool lining and they have stood up over the last about 4 winters and are very warm. I have worn just those on -40c days and my hands have been nice and toasty. The scarf and hat are just the ones I have been gravitating towards but I always try to choose something that is warm and cozy and soft.

Now I do have a Guide Dog so he needs to also be warm and toasty so he also has some winter gear that he wears to help us get to and from work. He wears a Ruffwear fleece lined jacket as well as some Canine Equipment boots. I love these boots they have stood up over this year, they don’t fill with snow or come off. You will also notice that there is a black bump on the toe of two of the boots. That is puff paint I added so I knew which ones were the front boots (they are different sizes).

There is nothing worse than being cold. I love all the fashion we see for winter but we never see practical, I walk everywhere I go fashion for winter. Hope this helps anyone who is like me and lives somewhere cold and needs to have practical fashion.

Stay Warm, Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick



Blind Judge for Beauty Pageant

Hello Everyone,

I was recently asked to be a judge at the Mrs. Canada Globe pageant. So many people since then have been asking, what was your reaction? Why do you think they asked you? And most of all, “How did that work?” So here it is. I am going to answer all of your questions right here.

Why me ? Well I think you would have to ask the organizers, but, in talking with the organizers their pageant is more than outward beauty; it is about their personality, character, leadership, volunteerism, and everything that is on the inside. I pride myself in being a vocal advocate for the blind and partially sighted community and breaking down the misperceptions that are out there around blindness. This was something that I never thought that I would be a part of, as it seems like a very visual thing. But I was honoured to have been asked to be a part of this pageant and think that this is a step in the right direction. There are so many women out there who think that their outward beauty is all that matters and they have to look a certain way to be successful or to be liked or to go out in the world. That is not the case what is inside is what truly counts. Your character, personality and everything that you are is so much mor important. Me being a part of this pageant shows that, this is the case even in the beauty pageant world.

How were you able to be a judge for a beauty pageant ? How the pageant worked was there was a preliminary round where they did a introduction, which was a 1 minute speech on themselves or whatever they wanted to tell us. Then there was the swimsuit as well as the evening gown portion. After the introductions and before the swim suit portion I went back stage and got to meet the girls and had them describe what they were wearing in the swim suit competition. This was to give me a chance to talk to the ladies and see how they interacted with me, were they genuine, were they comfortable, and confident in themselves. During the evening gown portion the ladies had to answer a question for the other judges and myself to get to know them as well, and this was part of their scores.

After the preliminaries there was the finals. The scores from the preliminaries were thrown out and they got a score on overall performance or impression and the question that they had to answer. The questions that they had to answer were deep and had to have some thought put into them, they were very moral based and I liked hearing what they ladies had to say on some very heavy topics.

The ladies that were a part of this pageant were intelligent, leaders, volunteers, and all around great women. They had so much to offer and had been very successful in their lives. They were strong independent women who were confident, and sure of themselves. I applaud them for having the courage to put themselves out there and be a part of this pageant. They are all doing amazing work in raising money for charities and being true leaders in their communities, and that is what makes every last one of them beautiful.

So how did I judge a beauty pageant, I judged it the same way I judge the world around me. I listened to what was going on, I listened to what they had to say. I listened to how confident they walked down the runway. And I was able to truly get to know them the real them and leave all the superficial things behind.

When people are blind or partially sighted they don’t miss out on the world around them, they simply experience it differently and the same goes for a beauty pageant.

Until Next Time!

Ashley and Rick

My key to independence was in my hand the whole time !

I remember the day that I was handed my very first white cane. I was in grade 8 and all I could think was ” you don’t think my huge giant sized textbooks, my magnifying glass, and computer don’t make me stick out enough. Oh wait it was the Teachers Aid that was following me around to every class that kept my blindness incognito right? ” I remember thinking there is no way I am going to use this, I mean if I tripped I just made a joke of it and went on about life, and if I was running with my friends and hanging out at night girls who are 13 and 14 hang onto each other all the time so that was easy enough.

There was a point when I was in grade 10 when I decided ok maybe I need it a little bit and did a little bit of a trial and started using it at school and it did just what I thought it would. It brought more negative attention to me, and god knows I was receiving plenty without it.

I never used my cane on a consistent basis until I was in University. I really found that when I transitioned to University I had a hard time navigating alone and with the transition from High School to University was also the transition of living with my parents on the farm to living in the city alone.

I never used my cane outside of school when I was with friends because I hated feeling like I was the odd one out and I always felt like people were staring at me. It wasn’t until I had a major change in vision that I had to use my white cane no matter what there was no other option.

I was not happy that I had to start using my cane every day all day and rely on it but it was only a few months into my significant vision loss that i realized that I had been really looking at the white cane with the wrong attitude. The white cane did not stand for disability, difference, and inequality but it stood for Independence, confidence and the key to a life that I wanted to live.

Once I opened up to looking at my cane differently my whole world opened up. I was able to travel where I wanted when I wanted, it gave me the confidence to take on new adventures and really tackle the world. I had always thought growing up that my blindness was something to be hidden to be ashamed of, yet that wasn’t the case at all. It is something to embrace, be proud of and live the life I want despite being blind.

After finally embracing my cane it felt like it opened up a whole new world, and a whole new person. I slowly became more confident, more vocal, more social, and found the person that I wanted to be which was always hidden away trying to keep this secret that no one could ever know. When really my blindness is what makes me me, it is a part of me like my eyes are green and my hair is blonde or red depending on the time in my life ha ha ha.

I wish that someone would have told me that I was holding the key to independence every time I picked up my white cane much sooner, or that I had figured it out much sooner. Now to show the world, this week is White Cane week a time to educate the world on what the White Cane is and what it stands for, do not fold up your cane and hide it in your closet walk with your head high and proud that you are able to live the life that you want because of that white cane.

Until Next Time

Ashley and Rick

Morning Routine

I am not a morning person, I have never been a morning person. In fact there was many days where I started my day with profanity, just dragging my sorry butt out of bed was horrible.

I have always envied those that were able to get out of bed and enjoy their mornings, who were happy and could speak with people within the first 2 hours of getting up with out bitting their head off.

Now that we have moved and I am in the same city that I work in, I my friends have become a morning person ! I know; if you know me personally you are thinking “pigs have started flying, the rainbows have aligned, and unicorns are landing in your back yard.” But, I am telling you it is true.

1E16BBC3-6E2E-4D7A-870C-47F1620482DB An early morning selfie !

So I thought I would take some time to share my morning routine with you not only to prove that this is true but because I think sharing these mundane parts of my life show, that living life as someone who is blind is no different than someone who is sighted.

My routine starts the night before, with having the boys help me make their lunch. And going up to bed by 9pm, where I listen to a book for about half an hour. I am usually turning the book off and nodding off to sleep at about 9:30 p.m.

My night before is critical to this new morning routine working. Without a good nighttime routine and getting to bed at a decent hour I will be dragging my sorry butt the next day for sure. One would think I would have had this figured out before the age of 33 but sometimes I am a slow learner.

I set my alarm for 4:25 a.m. I usually get out of bed by 4:30 a.m. first stop is the shower. I like to shower in the morning first because it wakes me up and second because I have short hair so it needs to be washed everyday. After a quick shower it is hair, makeup and getting dressed.

Once I get dressed I go to my side of the bed and grab my Apple Watch and my phone and Rick knows that is the get up sign for him. He jumps out of his bed and bounces around, I tell him every morning “shhhh” so he does not wake the whole house. That would ruin my purpose of getting up so early.

I go downstairs and feed Rick my Guide Dog and let him outside to do his business. Then the boys lunches they made the night before go from the fridge to their bags along with anything else I need to put in. I don’t make my daughters lunch she is 14 she is more than capable of making her lunch and deciding what she wants to eat.

Then I take my medication make myself a coffee and sit on the couch and listen to my book and write in my journal. I am usually sitting on the couch by about 5:10 a.m. The next 50 minutes are mine all mine.

2D0EFA16-5E99-4B12-84F7-AA8CD11923B1 A photo of my journal and my coffee with Rick sleeping on his bed. He is not a morning doggy.

After the first time when I got out of bed early and was ready and had this time to myself I was hooked. It is the one time of the day that the house is silent (except for Rick chewing his bone) and there is no one that is needing me or asking me something. That I can sit and take some time for me and not feel guilty. And it is ohhhhh so GLORIOUS ! In this time I do not check emails or do anything work related, I have to be very intentional about this part because I am kind of a workaholic and I know this so I am working on that.

Having this time to myself in the morning makes my whole day just go so much better, I find I am happier and start my day off the right way. This makes me love this time and inadvertently I have become a morning person.

At 6:00 a.m. I go upstairs and wake up my daughter and get her out of bed, she is not a morning person ! Then it is time to make coffee and get ready to leave the house. Off to the bus at 6:20 a.m. some days I am lucky and my husband drives me to the bus stop as he goes right by it and leaves at the same time or I walk the 10 minutes to the bus and begin my commute to work. The commute now takes me about 40 minutes from the time I leave the house. It is a nice commute I take 2 buses to get to work and just enjoy sitting listening to my book or a podcast.

4D6CCCA7-7BC8-428D-BC6D-D26D022E37BE An early morning photo at the bus stop of me and Rick. I am kneeled down next to Rick wearing a winter coat and pink and grey scarf.

7:00 a.m. if my transfer works out and times are all good I am at work. I then have 30 minutes to get everything ready to start the work day and I also take this time to study. I am currently taking a management course so it works out well to have this time in the morning while the office is quiet to get some studying in.

8E7B5330-FFF5-4874-BB9E-ADE7E7B5FDFB Photo of my iPad, computer and coffee while I study.

It is hard to believe even as I write this that I am a morning person now and actually enjoy my mornings. I also realize how mundane and boring this may seem but it is a good way to show people that my days are no different than yours even though I live with a disability my life is just as mundane and boring  as the next person.

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Rick


World Braille Day…. Grateful

Hello Everyone,

Today is World Braille Day. We celebrate the birthday of Louis Braille on this day January 4th every year because Braille is literacy for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Growing up partially sighted and losing all of my vision later in life I have been beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to learn braille in high school. My transition to life as a totally blind person would have been very different without it. With the skill of reading braille I have every option open to me to access literature. Access to literacy is the key for so many young children who are blind or partially sighted. I truly believe in giving our children all the tools that they may need and letting them choose which ones will work best for them. Sometimes there is a misperception that only people who are totally blind use braille and that is just not the case. I used to use braille even when I could read large print somewhat because it was not so straining on my eyes and it was faster than trying to use my vision, and I did not get headaches from reading with my fingers. And not to mention when you are light sensitive being able to read in the dark is great.

I use braille in my every day life and thought today on world braille day 2018 I would share some of the times that I use braille in my life.

At work I use a braille display hooked up to my computer and use this for when I just want a break from the computer talking to me constantly, imagine listening to every key stroke and all the information on your computer and phone for a 8 hour work day plus anything you do in your time, it will drive you nuts sometimes. I use braille for lots of my presentation notes, as well as studying for courses that I take to enhance my skills in my job, I use it for phone lists on my desk and to communicate to the participants in some of the programs I run.

In my home I use it for grocery lists, cook books, general reading, labels on things in my kitchen, Landry room and bathroom on things like makeup. I also love braille for being able to read books to my children, this was essential in me being a part of them learning to read. I do braille the kids spelling tests so that we can practice and I can remember all the words for the week.

I am grateful for Braille and the opportunities it has given me as well as the access to literature throughout my life.

Until Next Time,

Ashley and Rick