Christmas With Chronic Illness

It is the holiday season that so many look forward to. It is also the holiday season which so many dread for various reasons.

There are many people who dread the family gatherings, many parties and things that are expected of people. Why, because they are chronically ill. You may not see it, because most of those living with chronic illness are so good at masking the pain with a smile. Most will not say how much pain they are in or how awful they are feeling because they want to make their family and friends happy. They want to participate, but then they pay for it sometimes for days.

I think one of the blessings that has come for many this Christmas season is that in many places they are saying to not visit and stay within your household. So as much as they will miss their families and friends they will not have to stay in bed for 2-2 days after one Christmas party because they over did it.

Having the ability to stay home and not explain why you are not able to make it, is like a blessing for so many. Now this year it is acceptable for people to connect via zoom or other online ways. Making it much more bearable and accessible for individuals who are chronically ill.

I have always really enjoyed Christmas but over the last few years it has gotten harder and harder. The houses full of family finding it hard to navigate around homes that are not yours. The pain from spending time in the car to get to different places, and the fatigue that hits you out of no where. The migraines that pop up….. There is just so much that goes into being sick.

Like so many I have always just smiled and laughed and hid the pain and feeling awful from those around me. I don’t want the pity and I don’t want to ruin Christmas so it has been hard. But this year I get to connect with family online, and relax on Christmas with my family doing what I need to do for me without having to feel guilty or explaining to anyone.

Lounging with my feet on the coffee table a candle lit and the Christmas Tree lit up. In this photo you only see my feet with cozy slippers the candle on the coffee table and the Christmas tree beyond.

I love my family and friends but I want to be the best me when I am with them and enjoy their company and sometimes that isn’t possible if I am having a flare up and not feeling well. There are so many people who live the same experience that i do and I hope they are able to do what they need to do for them this year!

Merry Christmas

Ashley and Danson

Blind Christmas Joy

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

December is here and so Christmas is just around the corner. I love Christmas and everything that goes along with Christmas. All the memories that are made, time spent with friends and family, the decorations and sights and sounds everything.

I have been asked before if I decorate for Christmas since I can not see it, the answer is YES ! I do not think that you need to be able to see decorations to appreciate them.


I may go about buying my decorations differently for sure but I sure love walking the Christmas isles in the stores and looking at all the decorations. I feel them all and I buy my decorations based on the way that they feel. I like to have lots of different textures, I do not buy a lot of lights and things like that as I do not see them however my kids love them so we do have some. My children also love Christmas and when we are looking at the decorations they always say things like “oh mom feel this one I think you will like it” then they will proceed to describe it to me. This is one of the best things about the holidays, having the descriptions of things going on around us from my children as they have grown is something I cherish and look forward to every year.

Having a blind mother has definitely made our holiday celebrations different but we take part in all the activities and my children are always describing the decorations on people homes, the lights on the poles around town, people Christmas trees. This is a memory that I will forever have with me. One of my other favorite things about the holidays is the smells and sounds, the smells of baking and trees and nutmeg, cinnamon, they all bring me a lot of joy. I love the sounds of the shopping malls during the holidays, with the music, the bells from Santa greeting children, the hustle, and bustle, the sound of joy in the voices of the children.

There are so many ways to experience the world around us, vision is only one way. Happy Holidays to all my readers and I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season !

Until Next Time
Ashley and Rick