Blindness the least of my struggles

Hello, Everyone !

I hope you are all doing well.

I was talking to someone recently and mentioned that I see a counsellor and they responded with ” I would too if I was blind”. I was surprised by this answer. Then the more I thought about it, I am sure that there are many many people out there who assume that I would need to see a counsellor because of living with blindness or any disability.

I talked with my husband after and kind of laughed a little because to be completely honest I do NOT see a counsellor because I am blind and or have a disability. I do NOT talk to my counsellor about being blind. I know that some people can not fathom that that would not be my biggest problem. For me my blindness is not an issue, I am happy with my life as a blind person. I am comfortable with my blindness and since I do not let my blindness determine how I live my life it really doesn’t cause me any problems. I have issues with other people misperceptions of blindness and my abilities but I have lived with that my whole life and enjoy proving people wrong.

I am so much more than a blind person and I have lived a lot in my life and see a counsellor  because I am a mother to 3 children. My 13-year-old daughter also has ADHD. Being a parent can be a challenge especially to teenagers and when you have a child with ADHD it can really make things difficult. I also lost my father to cancer almost 5 years ago, I was very close with my dad in the years before he passed but we also had many issues that we never got a chance to deal with. There are so many other things in my life that I have had to work through. And even though I am blind, that is not one of those things.

If I could give any advice on this topic, it would be; don’t assume that someone’s disability is their biggest struggle. The person with a disability lives their life every day just like you do and they have things happen that have absolutely nothing to do with their disability . Just because our reality is different than yours that does not mean that our disability consumes our lives to the point where we don’t live them.

Thank you for reading ! Have a fabulous day !

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Ashley and Rick

Really Struggling

There is some days where you are just having a bad day, heck there are some weeks where you are just having a bad week. I have been struggling to put out a blog post this week for that reason. After considering it for a while I decided to put myself out there and tell you that no matter what you are going through it is ok to have a bad day or even week. We all have them and sometimes you just need to acknowledge them to really get through it .

So why have I been having a bad few days ? I have been frustrated with transportation or lack there of in my area. As many of you know I live in rural Saskatchewan. It is now summer and my kids want to do things and there is not a lot available in our community in the summer other than the pool. They spend a lot of time at the pool but of course they want to get out and do other things. I also want to take them to do the things they want to do during the days to keep us all happy and busy. However we run into one major issue, transportation ! I do not have family or friends near by that are able to take me and my three kids where we want to go, there is also no public transportation like a bus to get into Regina. This is very frustrating for me. I am more than capable of taking my kids into the city and getting around and having a fabulous day doing it but I am not given that option because of transportation.

This is always the one thing that I struggle with the most because I am a very very independent person. I do not like to have to ask for help and I love to be very busy. Summer does not allow me to do either of these things which is when I want to do them. I want to take my kids and do activities and make memories and I am not able to. At times like this I feel like a failure as a mom and it is really hard for me.

I am not writing this post for sympathy, I am writing this post because everyday is not a good day and that is ok. We all have struggles that we need to work through. So if you are having a struggle or a bad day I want you to know you are not alone !

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick