Top 10 Perks Of Not Driving Because You Are Blind

Hello everyone,

I can not tell you how many times someone has said to me “oh I couldn’t be blind and not drive”. Not being able to drive is a little bit of a pain in the rear but it definitely has its perks.

1. You never have to try and find your ride, or your car because they park in the same spot every time !

2. If your in a bad mood or just want to be left alone you can put in headphones and not hear “what is wrong with you?”, “why are you so grouchy today”, “what’s wrong?” On repeat like a broken record.

3. When people call you, they never want to talk long because of the background noise and all the people. Plus it is rude, so you can easily get out of talking to anyone!

4. You do not have to have road rage and you will get to your destination without almost needing bail money. I don’t know how you people do it to be honest, I swear like a trucker and I am not in traffic with people who have no idea how they even got there, let alone how they are supposed to get to where they are going!

5. If your bus gets a flat tire they come and pick you up with a different bus and you walk away from the broken one!

6. People make you feel like you are the most amazing thing every day simply because you got your blind behind to a bus stop and are on that thing alone! I mean you my friend deserve a Nobel prize!! And if you are not the biggest inspiration to someone, you may have someone pray over you or even get a marriage proposal because your guide dog will attract all the people you want to talk to.

7. It is the only place you can walk on and make someone move out of a seat simply because you want it and you are disabled so you can have it!

8. When your friends have to pay to fix their cars or put gas in them; you can justify as many pairs of shoes as you want! I mean you walk everywhere!!

9. When someone says to you “ma’am I need to see your drivers license.” And you say “I am blind”. The story and shovel they start digging the biggest hole with is quite comical!

10. If you are ever late for anything, all you have to say is “I had to take the bus” and no one will say anymore because they feel bad for you. If you drive they would say something like: ” well you should have left sooner I guess”.

There are many more perks I am sure I am missing, but I am sure you can now see why taking the bus isn’t the worst thing that could happen!

Until Next Time !

Ashley and Danson

Really Struggling

There is some days where you are just having a bad day, heck there are some weeks where you are just having a bad week. I have been struggling to put out a blog post this week for that reason. After considering it for a while I decided to put myself out there and tell you that no matter what you are going through it is ok to have a bad day or even week. We all have them and sometimes you just need to acknowledge them to really get through it .

So why have I been having a bad few days ? I have been frustrated with transportation or lack there of in my area. As many of you know I live in rural Saskatchewan. It is now summer and my kids want to do things and there is not a lot available in our community in the summer other than the pool. They spend a lot of time at the pool but of course they want to get out and do other things. I also want to take them to do the things they want to do during the days to keep us all happy and busy. However we run into one major issue, transportation ! I do not have family or friends near by that are able to take me and my three kids where we want to go, there is also no public transportation like a bus to get into Regina. This is very frustrating for me. I am more than capable of taking my kids into the city and getting around and having a fabulous day doing it but I am not given that option because of transportation.

This is always the one thing that I struggle with the most because I am a very very independent person. I do not like to have to ask for help and I love to be very busy. Summer does not allow me to do either of these things which is when I want to do them. I want to take my kids and do activities and make memories and I am not able to. At times like this I feel like a failure as a mom and it is really hard for me.

I am not writing this post for sympathy, I am writing this post because everyday is not a good day and that is ok. We all have struggles that we need to work through. So if you are having a struggle or a bad day I want you to know you are not alone !

Until Next Time !
Ashley and Rick